NHTSA Image Library

NHTSA welcomes you to our online image collection, containing a variety of graphics including photographs and logos for use in your highway safety programs.

Most images can be downloaded in both print (high resolution) and web quality to help you with your publications.

We will add to the collection as new images become available.


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Search by Category: Click the "Go" button next to "Search by Category," select a category from the drop-down box, then click on "Get Keywords."

New Searches: Once you begin searching for images, you can start a new search by selecting a new keyword under the same category or by switching the category.

Search by Image Number: Once you have visited the Image Library and have recorded the image number of an image found previously, you can input the image number and "Search by Image Number."

To ensure maximum results with minimum search we suggest:

Narrow search results by using 'AND' or 'OR'

'AND' will only show the images with descriptions that match all of the checked search keywords.

'OR' will only show the images with descriptions that match any one of the checked search keywords. Then click on the show images button at the bottom of your screen.