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Preparing for Pandemic Influenza:
Recommendations for Protocol Development for
9-1-1 Personnel and Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs)

Entire Publication (4,858k) Figure 4 – Suggested 9-1-1 & Ems Activities/Readiness Steps Based On Different Phases Of Pandemic Influenza
Front Matter Appendix A – Glossary Of Terms
Foreword Appendix B – Overview Of National Incident Management System
Introduction And Background Appendix C – Using 9-1-1 And Ems Data For Situational Awareness And Surveillance
Section 1 – Guiding Principles For Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) Appendix D – Example Of Infection Control Procedures For PSAPs
Section 2 – Provision Of Information To The Public Appendix E – Who And Federal Government Response Phases
Section 3 – Facilitation Of Call Screening Appendix F – CDC Pandemic Severity Index
Section 4 – Assistance With Priority Dispatch Of Limited Emergency Medical Services (Ems) Appendix G – Elements Of An Emergency Medical Dispatch System
Section 5 – Other Considerations Appendix H – Transitioning Of Emergency Communications Into The Next Generation
Figure 1 – Sample Call Flow For Standard Emd Calls Vs. Pandemic Flu Calls Appendix I – Osha Guidance
Figure 2 – Sample Pandemic Influenza Ems Dispatch Protocol Appendix J – Participating Organizations And Representatives
Figure 3 – Sample Pandemic Influenza Ems Operating Protocol