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EMS Pandemic Influenza Guidelines for Statewide Adoption
Entire Publication (6,765 k) Appendix F – Colorado Executive Orders
Front Matter/Overview Appendix G – Excerpt from Altered Standards of Care in Mass Casualty Events
Introduction and Background Appendix H - Excerpt from the White Paper on Scene Operations
Section 1 – EMS Planning Appendix I - National Incident Management System (NIMS) Training Requirements
Section 2 - The Role of EMS in Influenza Surveillance and Mitigation Appendix J - Excerpts from the HHS Pandemic Influenza Plan, Appendix D
Section 3 – Maintaining Continuity of EMS Operations During an Influenza Pandemic Appendix K – Infection Control: Excerpts from Federal Documents
Section 4 - Legal Authority Appendix L - Cleaning and Disinfecting Strategies for Environmental Surfaces in Patient-Care Areas
Section 5 - Clinical Standards and Treatment Protocols Appendix M - Pandemic Influenza Resources
Section 6 - EMS Workforce Protection Appendix N - Continuity of Operations Program Elements
Appendix A - Glossary of Terms Appendix O - Special Needs Patients
Appendix B - EMS and Non-Emergent (Medical) Transport Organizations Pandemic Influenza Planning Checklist Appendix P – Other Legal and Regulatory Issues
Appendix C – Excerpt from National Response Plan, Emergency Support Function #8 Appendix Q – OSHA Guidance
Appendix D – Sample TIIDE Fact Sheet Appendix R – Suggested 9-1-1 & EMS Activities/Readiness Steps Based on Different Phases of Pandemic Influenza
Appendix E – Excerpt from Model State Emergency Health Powers Act Appendix S – Participating Organizations and Representatives