Safe Driving for Older Adults

image of brochure cover showing elderly man driving with his daughter

Some of the changes you experience as you get older can affect your ability to drive safely.

The good news is that people who keep track of changes in their eyesight, physical fitness and reflexes may be able to adjust their driving habits so they stay safe on the road.

The following questions will help you decide if physical changes have affected your driving skills. Helpful tips about coping with these changes are also provided so that you can remain a safe driver for as long as possible.

1. How is your eyesight?

2. Do you have control of your vehicle?

3. Does driving make you feel nervous, scared or overwhelmed?

4. Are loved ones concerned?

5. Do you drive with children or young adults?

Many thanks to the USAA Educational Foundation for their assistance in developing this booklet.

For additional information about traffic safety for older road users, and safety belts and child safety seats, please visit the NHTSA web site at DOT’s Auto Safety Hotline (1-888-327-4236) can also answer your questions and provide free traffic safety information.

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