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May 2003


Model Driver Screening and 
Evaluation Program
Final Technical Report

Volume I: Project Summary and 
Model Program Recommendations

This document is available to the public from the National Technical Information Service
Springfield, Virginia 22161


Table of Contents

| Technical Report Documentation

| Notice and Acknowledgements

| Chapter 1. Executive Summary

| Chapter 2. Introduction and Background

| Chapter 3. Functional Limitations Review

| Chapter 4. Survey of State Licensing Officials

| Chapter 5. The Maryland Pilot Older Driver Study

| Chapter 6. Discussion and Model Program Recommendations

| References

| Appendixes

  1. Step 3 Responses by Delphi Panel of Experts
  2. AAMVA/NHTSA Survey of States/Provinces on "Model Driver Screening/Evaluation Program" Development
  3. How Is Your Driving Health? Brochure

| List of Tables

| List of Figures

| Model Driver Screening and Evaluation Program Home Page

| Volume II - Maryland Pilot Older Driver Study

| Volume III - Guidelines for Motor Vehicle Administrators