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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Center for Health Training thank the following individuals for their comments and input during the development of this guide:

  • Barbara Alberson
    State Department of Health Services, State & Local Injury Control Section (Sacramento, California)
  • Aida Berkowitz
    Federal Highway Administration, Region IX (San Francisco, California)
  • Ellen Cavanaugh
    Urbitran Associates, Inc.; formerly with the Bronx Safe Routes To School Project, Transportation Alternatives (New York, New York)
  • Jack Champlin
    National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Region IX (San Francisco, California)
  • Dorothea Hass
    Walk Boston, Safe Routes To School (Boston, Massachusetts)
  • Wendi Kallins
    Marin County Safe Routes To Schools (San Anselmo, California)
  • Jacky Kennedy
    Active & Safe Routes To School (Toronto, Canada)
  • Peter Lipman
    Sustrans (Bristol, England)
  • Lauren Marchetti
    University of North Carolina, Highway Safety Research Center, Pedestrian & Bicycle Information Center (Chapel Hill, North Carolina)
  • Ana Matthews
    Regional Health District (Spokane, Washington)
  • Gay Page
    State Department of Transportation, Bicycle/Pedestrian Program (Denver, Colorado)
  • Nan Peterson
    University of Wisconsin Children's Hospital (Madison, Wisconsin)
  • Jessica Shisler
    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Walk To School Program (Atlanta, Georgia)

Developed by:

Center for Health Training


Funded by:

NHTSA :: People Saving People

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