Get Invlolved

How can you help stop drunk driving? Glad you asked.

You can

  • Print posters and put them up where people will see them.
  • Download a wallpaper for your desktop.
  • Post a Facebook icon.
  • Make your personal pledge to not drive drunk.
  • Share the TV spots and other videos.
  • Remind your friends that cops are out there looking for drunk drivers.


Download a graphic image with a sobering thought.

Use these iconic images to let your friends know how you feel about drinking and driving.


Thought-provoking posters you can print and post. If you’ve ever wondered why cops think it’s important to enforce the laws against drinking and driving, these posters will help you understand.


Share these videos with your friends. Let them see the TV spots and let them know that cops are out there to get drunk drivers off the road.